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            Welcome to Shanghai Xinjing Machinery Co., Ltd. official website!
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            ABOUT XINJING

            Shanghai Xinjing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a sales supplier of linear motion products and automated manufacturing control equipment.

            Our company mainly deals in ball screw, linear guide, linear optical axis, linear bearing, sliding unit, support unit, lock nut, cross roller guide, XY table, grating digital display, digital display, etc. With complete specifications and low price, the products are widely used in machine tool manufacturing, semiconductor industry, medical equipment manufacturing, packaging equipment and automation industry, automobile manufacturing and so on. Well received by the majority of users and praise.

            Enterprises will follow the "innovative, pragmatic, honest, high-quality" people-oriented corporate philosophy and "all for the user" business purposes. Constantly build a corporate culture corridor to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market and accelerate its own development. With the spirit of "integrity in the people, innovation, and excellence in the public", we will continue to present the "Xinjing" boutique masterpiece and return the society to the users.

            Want to make friends with the world, share the name of "new scenery" Warmly welcome all new and old users to choose "new scenery" products!


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